LeSS conference 2016: building a “Potentially Publishable Product”

This was the first conference where i had to work in a team to build a “Potentially Publishable Product”

Our team was called “BLeSSed Scrumbags”


The “Potentially Publishable Product” was a game.

We added all the team learning of the 2 day conference on stickies. Then we had players choose 7 of these learning that they could take with them to “Scrumbag Island”

As soon as the player was done we’d made a picture so that the player would have his key learning saved.

All the key learnings a players could pick
Scrumbag Island

Some of the results:

blessed scrum bags 1
Key Learnings
blessed scrum bags 2
Key Learnings

The best part was: “We Won”

We won the Large-Scale Scrum book by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde

Bas Vodde Signing his book

The Team

Building an Island

More on the conference and the outcome can be found here:

More information on how team where formed and the experiment can be found here:

More pictures of the results can be found here:

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