Twister retrospective

I designed a retrospective, based on the fun game of Twister. It’s designed for the gathering data fase. Step one: Get a Twister board or one of the many free apps. Step two: You turn the Twister board. Step Three: What ever it lands on correspondences with one of the following Colours represent a subject, […]

Spider-web Retrospective

Spider-web retrospective What is important to the team? Have them come up with minimal 5 area’s Example’s: Fun Test Automation Deployment/releasing Support Helping others Speed Learning Good code Team work Value And such… Have the team give a rating on the selected Area’s This will lead to a spider-web. Now you can ask the team […]

How to: Definition of Done

Definition of Done What is a Definition of Done: the Definition of Done is list of activities  that add verifiable/demonstrable value to the product. can be different for different teams and products. The workshop that i do to create the ultimate Definition of Done is as following:  

How to: Retrospective

  Retrospective Een goede Retrospective heeft een standaard formaat: Set de stage Gather data Generate insight Decide what to do Closing the retrospective 1. set the stage Deze fase heeft als doel het creëren van een veilige ruimte, waarin elke teamlid betrokken is. Door in deze fase elk teamlid aan het woord te laten ontstaat […]

Communication lines = (N²-N)/2

JordannGross inspired me to make this picture myself   (N²-N)/2   Is the formula for the number of communication lines in a team. This is why I like small teams.