LeSS conference 2016: my notes

Here are the notes I made during the LeSS Conference 2016 in Amsterdam. More about LeSS can be found here: https://less.works/

LeSS conference 2016: building a “Potentially Publishable Product”

This was the first conference where i had to work in a team to build a “Potentially Publishable Product” Our team was called “BLeSSed Scrumbags” The “Potentially Publishable Product” was a game. We added all the team learning of the 2 day conference on stickies. Then we had players choose 7 of these learning that they could […]

Certified LeSS Practitioner Training

The most inspiring training I followed in 2016. If you want to do the training i would recommend Bas Vodde as trainer I followed the training in July 2016. Here are my notes:   I’ve done a book report on LeSS that can be found here.