Els Verkaik – Power Calimero

Had an very inspiring talk @ACCNL17 by Els Verkaik. It’s about how to change the mind set from a can’t do to a can do mindset. I found it a nice talk, some might recognise some NLP in her notes.

Time vs. Scope

Just some drawings on Scope vs. Time and Time vs. Scope For more background check this out!

Marshmallow Challenge

                          In a movie of Tom Wujec (Ted Talk) I got inspired. Instead of making my own drawing i found a great one online. And decided to share it. This is a great game to get people working together and learning what iterative […]

How to: Visualize a teams progress

Often teams have lots of improvements to work on. From the Retrospective or daily struggles. This sketch gives team a great view of what they’ve already accomplished and what’s still to do. I use the rays to map the improvements on different theme’s. The further the improvements are from the sun the smaller or more […]